• Official Adam Sandler Fan Site
    • Hi - We're Jack and Covert, two of Adam's friends from college. We told Sandler he needed a web page and he said, "okay, you guys do it, just leave me alone." So this is like the OFFICIAL WEBSITE and since we're his friends, when he goes out of town, we'll go through his stuff and find cool things for the page.

  • Official Seinfeld Site
    • It's a site about nothing. It's not about detailed episode guides, photo galleries or actor bios. That's been done. It's not about being the only site. There are hundreds online. We'll even send you to our favorites. It's a site about reliving and reveling in the Seinfeld experience you know and love.

  • Andy Kaufman Home Page
    • No one could put a label on Andy because he was more than a song-and-dance man -- some say he was a performance artist. Perhaps they're right, Andy didn't tell jokes; he explored ideas. At any given moment, he could be a wrestler, a comic, Elvis Presley, an immigrant, a folk singer, Tony Clifton, an evangelist, a fakir, Tony Piccinnini, a magician, a robot butler, a provocateur or a spy.

  • Tracey Ullman Go Home! Page
    • Devoted to the one performer who has portrayed more characters than anyone in performance history!

  • Ladies & Gentelmen: Lenny Bruce
    • "And Lenny Bruce was really, along with Bob Dylan and Miles Davis and a handful of others was the leader of the first wave of American social and cultural revolution which is gradually changing the structure of our society and may effectively revise it..." -Ralph J. Gleason

  • Sandra Bernhard: Reflections of a DIVA!
    • Reflect on the multi-faceted career of Sandra Bernhard. This page is loaded with Sandy references and her entertaining history. Links to many of her projects and pictures in Playboy. Information on her current projects and Simply Sandra Mailing list access is also available.

  • Rodney Dangerfield
    • I was about to walk on to do my show one night when a man in the audience stopped me and said, "Rodney, do me a favor before you go on. Could I have your autograph...and some more butter?".